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Finding the right property in the right place for the right price.  Helping you to quickly understand the ecological history and health of the land.  From identifying trees to understanding the building process we help save you money and time.

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  • Landscape Designs

  • Mixing Edible & Native Plants

  • Biointensive & Biodynamic Designs

  • Vegetable Garden Designs

  • SilvaPasture and Agroforestry

  • Permaculture Forest Gardens

  • Natural Building Materials

  • Passive Solar Ecological Building Designs

  • Native Landscapes

  • Erosion Control

  • Off the Grid Energy Systems

  • Solar Power

  • Micro Hydro

  • Biogas Generators

Thinking about your entire property and it's full potential.  Helping you to understand the ecological realities of your site.

Taking you from concept drawings to permits, construction and how to best phase your project.

Restoring the land while creating valuable yields.

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Adapting buildings to the landscape and your needs and vision.  We design and build unique site specific ecological structures, with over 20 years of experience creating handmade homes and buildings from clay, straw, hempcrete, wood and fun.

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Water Systems Design - Installation 
Commercial and Residential

Turning water problems into water solutions, simply and ecologically.   Helping you to understand the dynamics of water on your site, finding springs and understanding wells and water systems, connecting large rain tanks for farm and home, using solar pumps and creating ponds.

Our Team



"If it was not for Andrew I would have completely bought the wrong piece of Land and wasted tens of thousands of dollars.  After sharing my goals, Andrew patiently took months of narrowing down properties I sent him from online listings. Then he went to visit the best and final online selections in person, selecting the best of the best within my budget. Hiring his services was well worth every dollar.

I would highly recommend leveraging his experience to anyone serious about buying land." -  Carmine 



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